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School Uniform

School Uniform is an important part of our identity at Bellsquarry Primary School

Each school has its own dress code, for the whole school, based on the Council's policy which all pupils will be expected to keep to.  At Bellsquarry Primary, we have a school uniform which we encourage children to wear.  The uniform we recommend is as follows:

  • Shirt/blouse/polo shirt  white (available from school)
  • Sweatshirt                          royal blue (available from school)
  • Trousers/skirt                    black/grey/navy
  • Shoes                                   black and indoor gym shoes

Sweatshirts, blouses, polo-shirts, shirts, trousers, skirts and shoes can be ordered and purchased at any time during the year through our online supplier, Borders Embroideries (see below) or Tesco. The school also stocks a small supply of second hand clothing and can be made available upon request.  School Clothing Grants are available to parents in receipt of a qualifying benefit; application forms are available from the school or online.

Please don't send your child to school in expensive clothes or designer sports wear as it causes the child unnecessary distress when accidents happen.  The wearing of jeans is discouraged as they can be difficult for younger children to fasten and unfasten.  If they get wet, they hold water and can remain sodden and uncomfortable for a long time.

We also have available good quality, 'pre-loved' school uniform. Our 'pre-loved' selection is available via our School Office or during school events such as 'Meet the Teacher'.  All that we ask is for a small donation.  Our parents are currently setting up an on-line order system but in the meantime, please feel free to contact our School Office for details. 


PE Kit (Indoor and Outdoor)

Physical Education provides children with a platform from which they can build physical competences, improve aspects of their fitness and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes.  It enables children to develop the concepts and skills necessary for participation in a wide range of physical activity, sport, dance and outdoor learning, and enhances their physical wellbeing in preparation for leading a fulfilling, active and healthy lifestyle.  At Bellsquarry we encourage physical activity and as such,  we advise that children should come to school with an indoor and outdoor PE Kit. An indoor kit should consist of a T-shirt (with sleeves), a pair of shorts and appropriate indoor gym shoes.  An outdoor gym kit consists of a tracksuit, a T-shirt (with sleeves), outdoor trainers and a waterproof jacket.


If your child is unable to tie laces, please buy slip-on gym shoes, but try to teach this skill as soon as possible.  Velcro-fastening gym shoes/school shoes are a great asset!  A drawstring bag with your child's name is useful for holding your child's P.E. kit.  Please note that no football colours are allowed in the school in line with West Lothian Council policy. 


The Council will not be responsible for loss of or damage to pupils' clothing and personal belongings including mobile phones. Valuable items, including jewellery and unnecessarily expensive articles of clothing, should not be brought to school.  The Council's Dress Code for Schools Policy is available online on Education Policies and Procedures.


Ordering your uniform online